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About Us

Natalie Richardsonís idea for what was to become LuLuís Restaurants originated in Michoacan and Tayoltita, two small pueblos in the heart of Mexico, back in the 1960ís. It grew when a young couple met at a small Mexican restaurant in Tucson, Arizona in the early 1980ís. It continued to grow when a family immigrated to the Bay Area in the 1990ís. It finally came together in 2005.

Lourdes (Lulu) has been working with Natalie since 1996. Luluís family comes from Michoacan and her history is steeped in the preparation and enjoyment of her native cuisine. Natalieís husband grew up in Tayoltita, a small mining town, for fifteen years. As Natalie and her husband courted each other while attending the University of Arizona, they found one of many things they had in common was enjoying well prepared, traditional and fresh Mexican food.

The match was simple Ė Natalieís creativity, energy and understanding of the area she grew up in and Luluís inspiration, talent and quality-oriented approach to creating wonderful family dishes. The recipe of these two individuals combining their talents resulted in the creation of LuLuís on the Alameda in 2005.

Natalieís and Luluís passion is to prepare and serve the freshest, authentic Mexican food. They want you to eat healthy, leave happy and share your positive experience with your friends.

Lulu's Mission Statement

LuLuís Mexican Food restaurants serve fresh authentic Mexican cuisine with the highest quality ingredients, for a reasonable price. Our diverse menu is comprised of home-style recipes reflecting our rich Hispanic heritage and multicultural traditions. LuLuís offers their communities delicious, healthy food in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Comida Fresca! Salsa Caliente!